OUR Projects

Serve others and bring change.

These projects are made possible through donations and support raised by students. Our prayer and ask is to continue to create opportunities to support global missions.

"Humans of Urbana" AI Art Zine

AI Art to envision the missions journey of young adults at Urbana 2022

"Nathan Goes on a Quest" Children's Story

Sequel to "Nathan Learns to Juggle" for International Day of the Unreached

"Nathan Learns to Juggle" Translations

Eight translations of "Nathan Learns to Juggle" available for digital download

"The State of Digital Technologies" Report

Discover the latest digital trends and technologies used to advance the Great Commission.

"Go Digital Before It's Too Late" Article for EMQ

Learn how the next generation will play an essential part for missions in the digital world.

"Who Are Frontier People Groups?" Audiobook

The FPG prayer guide turned into a 31-episode audiobook to listen with you and your family.

"Who Are Frontier People Groups?" Translations

The FPG prayer guide is in eight more languages and is available for digital download for free.

"Who Are Frontier People Groups?" Prayer Guide

A prayer guide for families to learn and pray for Frontier Peoples. Order a printed copy or download the digital PDF for free!

"Nathan Learns to Juggle" Children's Story

A children's story about missions for a third of the world. Learn more about the Unreached of the Day at www.athirdofus.com.

Summer '22 Cohorts: Upstream

This cohort partnered with Upstream from Pioneers to design new features for a Bible Story App.

Summer '22 Cohorts: SIL

This cohort partnered with SIL to help with data qualification for AI Bible Translation.

Summer '22 Cohorts: Spiritual Topography

This cohort partnered with BasilTech and YWAM to identify where churches are needed.

Summer '22 Cohorts: Web of Needs

This cohort prototyped a webtool to categorize digital missions projects and needs.

Frontier Peoples Website

Learn about Frontier People Groups, including resources, maps, and data. Created for Joshua Project.

Summer '21 Cohort: Joshua Project Web Design

This cohort prototyped an interactive map of UPGs and web design of Joshua Project.

Fall '21 Cohort: Upstream

This cohort partnered with Upstream from Pioneers to design a Bible Story App.

Spring '21 Cohort: FPG Stickers

This cohort prototyped stickers depicting a Frontier People Group. This project lead to the creation of the FPG prayer guide.

Spring '21 Cohort: FPG Website

This cohort prototyped a website showcasing a Frontier People Group to engage Gen Z.


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