OUR Projects

Serve others and bring change.

Nathan Learns to Juggle

This is a children's story about missions for a third of the world. Through the analogy of juggling, Nathan learns from his dad about the need to reach the 3 billion people who have yet to hear of the good news of Jesus. Learn more about how to reach one third of the world at www.athirdofus.com.

Frontier People Groups Prayer Guide

In the summer 2021, the Character Design Cohort created a prayer guide for children and famliies to learn about Frontier People Groups and pray for them! Order a printed copy today and download the digital PDF for free!

These projects are made possible through donations and support raised by students. Our prayer and ask is to continue to create opportunities to support global missions.


The Spring 2021 cohort created Indigitous Serve's first social media content with graphic videos and sticker promotion packs to engage followers.

Joshua Project

The Summer 2021 cohort worked with Joshua Project to design a different approach to the organization's existing website layout.

App Development

The Fall 2021 cohort partnered with Upstream to develop a mobile app intended for an unreached people group in Southeast Asia.