Indigitous US - 8/18/22

Summer Cohort Wrap Up!

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Summer Cohort 2022 Recap

We just wrapped up 8 weeks for our Summer Cohort!

During these 8 weeks, 15 student interns learned about missions and applied their skills in four projects.


Spiritual Topography aimed to remix map data to signal “Theology of Place” to inform churches & ministries as they serve the cities God has planted them in.

Key Insights

  • Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia had the most churches

  • California was most populated based on population/church ratio

  • DC was least populated based on population/church ratio


  • Improving end-user experience

  • Validating accuracy of data & drawing concrete insights

Suggestions Moving Forward

  • Layering more data on the map

  • Cleaning data

Ministry Web of Needs


Web of Needs was a digital architecture designed to connect people to ministry projects that match their interests.

Key Insights

  • Applying what was learned in college and connecting it with faith


  • Working on connecting Airtable with FastApi

  • Trying to connect Airtable to Node.JS

Suggestions Moving Forward

  • Create a more flexible system for filtering and sorting data

  • Build a better relationship between tags, tag groups, projects, and users in Airtable

SIL Quality Bible Translation


SIL is using AI to automatically answer comprehension questions for new translations. The goal is to help validate and check current Bible comprehension questions and generate new questions.

Key Insights

  • Different book syntaxes issues arose based on the different books of the Bible

  • The AI had trouble generating questions surrounding names

  • The AI had trouble processing verses mid-conversation


  • Finding good, helpful questions that engage the AI to properly evaluating scripture

Suggestions Moving Forward

  • Translate good questions and answers into a gateway language

  • Using questions to train a new model in a gateway language

Upstream Bible Stories App


Upstream aimed to take highly crafted bible stories by two missionaries into a an app.

Key Insights

  • Learning general knowledge for UI design

  • Working in Flutter and being able to do state transition


  • Learning Figma featureset

  • Learning to utilize Flutter

Suggestions Moving Forward

  • Find a way to share the app/story with others

  • Have ability to save favorite stories

  • Have ability to add notes to stories

Prayer Requests

Pray in thanks for the students and mentors from the summer cohort in joining

Pray for next steps for the mentors and ministries of the projects

Pray for our Fall recruitment and the people to join our cohorts

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