Indigitous on Stage at Missio Nexus 2021

At Missio Nexus 2021, Ted Esler (President of Missio Nexus) featured Indigitous during his opening session. It was our honor to share our vision with over 1,000 missions leaders.

This year’s theme at the conference: Innovate.

Many ministry leaders realize that the legacy methods of missions need change. These were some of the key lessons learned:

  • Bias towards action
  • Build immunity towards failure
  • Collaborate

Watch the Plenary Sessions from Missio Nexus.

This week, we connected with many missions leaders and formed strategic partnerships. It was like a think tank of many new ideas and creative solutions for missions. Now, we need to work together and bring these ideas to action!

Now that many more ministries have seen Indigitous, we are energized to continue to scale.

  1. Pray for us to partner with ministries to co-create resources and tools for missions.
  2. Pray for the growth of the Indigitous community, including co-laborers, mentors, and supporters.

The Innovation Crisis: Creating Disruptive Influence in the Ministry You  Lead - Kindle edition by Esler, Ted. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks  @

The Innovation Crisis, by Ted Esler:

“A culture of innovation is a ministry in which everybody innovates personally and corporately. “

“For innovation to happen, the nobler mission must be paired with urgency.”

“Each new generation seems more welcoming and embracing of innovation. We have tools, systems, and new methodologies. Do we have the will to put them to work?”

Resources on Innovation: