Indigitous Interview in Missions Frontier Magazine

Feature on Mission Frontiers Magazine, September/October Issue, 2021.

An interview with Andrew Feng, U.S. Lead for Indigitous, and NextGen believers.

Here is one sobering stat: Coke has reached 97% of the world, but one-third of the world has never heard of Jesus.  

Traditional strategies in missions need to change when there is still so much work to do. When sugar water has reached the world the greatest story in history can as well. The world is rapidly changing with new technology. The next generation has adapted to this as digital natives. But, this generation of digital skills and talent is going to the secular marketplace.

Andrew asks: “How might we help people redeem their skills beyond the four church walls? Imagine a world where we can innovate ways to bring first-world skills to the ends of the earth.”

Indigitous looks to “crowdsource” missions.

We cannot do this alone. Combine our efforts across all disciplines and skills. Many hands make light work. When we each take part we can see the Gospel reaching all people, especially those who have little access to it.

“I strongly believe the presentation of people group information needs a younger voice and brand identity that understands the trends and desires of the younger generation.”

“Traditional barriers to the gospel are being reduced, and young people tend to feel more connected based on social relationships than ethnicity.”

Our prayer requests:

  1. Pray for ministries to collaborate in missions.
  2. Pray for Indigitous to share their vision and inspire the next generation.

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