Indigitous US - 7/18/22

Summer Cohort Projects!

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Summer Cohort Projects!

We just finished Week 4 of our summer cohort!

We’ve been working on a Miro board, hashing out all the work for the cohort’s students and mentors.

Our 15 students have been broken into 4 pods, and each of them are working on these projects.

Spiritual Topography

What’s Spiritual Topography about?

When we look at a map, we can see city names, roads, etc., but what about spirituality? Our Spiritual Topography project aims to remix map data to signal “Theology of Place” to inform churches & ministries as they serve the cities God has planted them in.

What are we trying to do?

  • Find and extract church data for your city

  • Gather demographic/metadata for your city

  • Remix the data in a map/other view

  • Explore the Theology of Place

What skillsets are we using?

  • Researching for church and demographic/metadata

  • Data scraping in your favorite language (JS/Python/etc)

  • Mapping (Leaflet, Mapbox, Google Maps, etc)

  • Analyzing data for insights


Ministry Web of Needs

What’s Web of Needs about?

When you look at ministry and technology, there are many needs, ideas, and people interested in contributing to them. But, there’s not an easy discovery tool to make those connections.

Web of Needs is a digital architecture designed to connect people to ministry projects that match their interests.

What are we trying to do?

  • Build a prototype UI to help clarify requirements for the system

  • Set up a working instance of a prototype “Web of Needs” solution for the Indigitous Projects tool

What skillsets are we using?

  • Coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Working on UI/UX design

  • Setting up web servers


SIL Quality Bible Translation

What’s SIL Bible Translation about?

Checking the quality of new Bible translations often involves Q&A sessions with the translation team and other language community members.

SIL is using AI to automatically answer comprehension questions for new translations to help human translators identify and address potential problems. The technique has been validated, but questions are only available in a few languages right now.

What are we doing?

  • Validating and checking current Bible comprehensions

  • Generating new questions to supercharge AI-enabled translation quality checking

  • Improving question answering models

What skillsets are we using?

  • Analyzing data in Python

  • Gaining fluency in “gateway” languages (English, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)

  • Visualizing data with front end skills


Upstream Bible Stories App

What’s Upstream’s App about?

Two field missionaries have created 120 highly crafted Bible stories in 5 audio languages and 3 written scripts. We’re putting these resources in an app.

What are we doing?

  • creating an app featuring interactive stories

  • enabling “speech-to-text” highlights with story audio

What skillsets are we using?

  • Working on UI/UX Design

  • Creating Figma mockups

  • Developing mobile app in Flutter

Prayer Requests

Pray for the whole project’s process and the students and mentors involved

Pray that students are able to share about this opportunity with their community

Pray for the impact of the projects regardless of results

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