Indigitous Serve - 6/18/22


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At Indigitous, we’re all about empowering and engaging believers to use their digital and creative skills for God’s Kingdom and in global missions.

Summer Cohorts will be Starting Soon!

We have about 12 students signed up for our Summer Cohort!

We are looking at two-three projects to work on together. This will include design thinking, data and scripture engagement, app development, and user-testing!

We are having two Intro Calls this weekend for the students and mentors to meet for the first time.

  • June 18, Saturday, 7-8pm EDT

  • June 19, Sunday, 7-8pm EDT

If you’re interested, please email

CrossTech Kansas City

On Thursday, June 9, Andrew and I had the opportunity to join Al Wilkinson for CrossTech in Kansas City!

Al Wilkinson started Cross Tech 6 years ago as a gathering for technologists in the Kansas City area to come together and share all things faith and technology. He has been a mentor for #HACK and is helping in brainstorming for projects with Indigitous!

We joined Trip Nine of Ekballo University and Christy Childers of PrayforTech to share about opportunities where faith and technology are making a difference in how we share about Jesus in the workplace and world.

If you’re looking for a sign, then this is it

In one of our published articles, Jonah Katrina shares and encourages on living sent:

I remember a conversation with a mentor where we discussed that sometimes when he tells people to go to missions, they reply with apprehensive statements of them needing to pray about it.

“It was already written in the Bible that Jesus already commanded us to go; what is it then that you need to pray about?”, came his usual frustrated statement, and I usually reply with a pensive nod, or sometimes a chuckle.

But then if that’s the case then shouldn’t we truly live sent? And from my friend’s words, we should try to go where people need to be engaged with the Gospel and continue to do it until we see doors closingthen that’s when we decide to stay.

To read the full article, you can find it below:

Prayer Requests

Pray for the students joining as they learn about missions

Pray for mentors to join

Pray for the projects and partnerships with ministry organizations

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