INDIGITOUS US 7/14/23: Full of Summer happenings

🎙️Exhorting Each Other

We took a team to Amsterdam2023, a global conference regarding the new era of evangelism. We connected with great partners, meeting with the CEO of YouVersion, and leaders from Christian Vision! Along with 132 other speakers, we hosted a seminar about our unfinished task of searching for everyONE. It was incredible to worship and cast vision with the 5,000+ in-person individuals from over 125 nations, and thousands of online viewers joining rom 150 countries around the world!

We also led two workshops at the virtual Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) conference. We featured a panel of international students who spoke about their American experiences and a session for ministry leaders to sustain relationships with returning students through digital discipleship.

We are praying for: 

  • Back-to-back July travels to several cities in California, New York, and Southeast Asia
  • Refreshing joy in sharing vision with brothers and sisters
  • Physical energy and strength to be present with new and old loved ones


🔥 Sizzling Summer Cohorts 

Praise God for our cohorts! For the partnerships that panned out and for our hardworking 15 interns and mentors who are creating and innovating to participate in digital mission! What a marvel it is to see how God grows fruit in the hearts of our students and of our leaders. 

Summer Cohorts 2023 stats:

  • Project Partners:
    • Basil Tech – Bible Innovation
    • National Pioneer Initiative – Research on Online UPGs
    • SIL – AI for Bible Translation
  • Universities represented:
    • California Baptist University
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Harvard University
    • LeTourneau University
    • Rutgers University
    • Tennessee Technological University
    • University of Texas at Dallas
    • University of Houston
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Tennessee-Knoxville
    • University of Texas at San Antonio
    • Wheaton College
  • Majors: 8 Computer Science, 1 UI/UX, 1 Information Systems, 1 Mathematics, 1 Psychology, 1 Anthropology, 1 Marketing, 1 Economics
  • 9 states: CA, IL, MA, MI, MN, NJ, PA, TN, TX
  • 5 international students

We are praying for:

  • Perseverance through the second half of the summer as the cohorts continue their projects and build team harmony
  • Open hearts for students’ personal future involvement in digital missions
  • Mentors’ vision and guidance to see how this work can be foundational for future use

🤹‍♂️ More to Go Around

As of June, our illustrated children’s book “Nathan Learns to Juggle” is accessible in eight additional languages! Read the story with your little loved ones – Nathan learns from his dad about the need to reach the 3 billion people who have yet to hear of the good news of Jesus.

We pray for: 

  • Far-reaching spread to invite children to see God’s kingdom work
  • Vibrant creativity in upcoming project ideas