Indigitous US 1/1/23

Indigitous at Urbana 2022

Happy New Year!!!  It was awesome experience at Urbana 2022!

We hope you were encouraged by the fellowship just as much as we were.

Couple of exciting announcements for beyond Urbana:

Humans of Urbana AI Magazine

If you’re seeing this, it’s likely you’re already in the magazine! We loved helping you visualize how you can be part of God’s mission field!

View your image and other 90+ attendees’ AI-generated mission journeys at the link below. It’s beautiful to see the diversity of how God’s mission comes to life in each of you!

Why We Left Our $200k Tech Jobs Seminar


We presented our seminar to over 100 people about pursuing God and trusting in His provision. We were reminded to worship the Creator rather than created things.


Thank you to those who came by! For those who didn’t get the chance, check out the slide deck below and feel free to email us if you have more questions or want to chat.